Chapter 3, Pages 67-73


November Edition Guest Art



Tori Richards (also know as @toriisu online) is wonderful friend and a great artist!! She specializes in story and design for animation and is currently looking for an internship so be sure to check out her work!!

Tori’s work is so fun and charming. It oozes with warmth and coziness that feels like a hug on a cold fall day! I LOVE this piece Tori made of my kiddos as witches. It’s just SO cute!! I originally scheduled for this piece to come out in October, but oh well! I just love how Sol struggles - poor guy. Anyways, Tori’s been cheering me on since this comic began! I don’t think I’d have made it this far without her faith in me since 1st year of college so thank you, Tori!




Michelle is a Filipino-Canadian animator who’s all about anime, video games, and bright colours!! Michelle is a very good friend of mine and also inspires me everyday! Her shape design, fun compositions, and bold colours have been a HUGE inspiration to my work so be sure to check her out. Also, thanks to this gal, I got quite into anime myself. Thanks for converting me!

Also, good goddess. Can you just look at this incredible drawing of Iona?! They’re so BIG and bad-ass. I can’t believe it. And the black trail of blood is such an excellent touch. Michelle and I both have the same taste in uh… muscle. She draws them so well! I still look at this in awe! I love Iona, since they’re a perceived badass… but just wait till the coming chapters. Hehe!



Chayadol (also known as Dol) is a Thai animator based in Canada! He’s a good friend of mine and also an absolute powerhouse… or madman? I’m not sure! Dol is also a freelance animator for the Youtube channel Planet Dolan. Dol is an incredibly hardworking, passionate, and also hilarious animator. He’s got a very fun and chaotic sense of humour in his work that you just can’t find anywhere else!

I didn’t quite believe Dol when he said he’d illustrate the entire gang for me! But look at this! He’s an absolute madman! I love the campy 80’s anime quality of this poster so so much! I can’t get enough of it. I feel like any minute, this illustration is going to come alive and burst into a funky anime OP! Ahh!! If Intercosmic were ever animated, I’d definitely ask Dol to help bring it to life - haha!!


Thank you for sticking with me this far! This update was honestly very hard to get through. It’s a tough batch and was incredibly difficult for me to write. I spent a lot of time just revising this scene. I had at least 5 drafts of this written out! I eventually realized that 1. It’s my own free comic that I should be having fun with 2. I’m not a writer and I’m still learning. And 3. Done is better than perfect! So here it is! I’m just glad I got through it and I’m proud of that alone!

It’s been a bit difficult with keeping this up and working on my thesis film for school! There’s some really exciting things in the works and my thesis is now being funded by a TELUS Storyhive grant! I’m super fortunate to get paid to make something I love very dearly so I’m putting my film as my top priority for a while! Unfortunately, that leaves less time for comics.

Intercosmic will continue to update with new “scene” or selection of pages every month or two! I promise, it’s still ongoing. I hope you like what’s to come! The next update will probably come in the new year but I hope you’ll enjoy it when it comes! Please check my twitter for the latest updates as you like!

Thanks for your love and patience always!