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Featured Guest Art

Thank you so much for taking a look at Intercosmic! Here’s a list of comics I adore and highly recommend for you to read!

Avalia by Delaney Januzzi

A medieval fantasy drama about 4 different individuals with intertwining fates! It's fully painted and absolutely breathtaking to look at! I can't recommend it enough.

Nighthounds by Roisale

A futuristic urban dark fantasy comic about mercenaries, really good looking people, and action! Nancy is so talented and has some of the most stylish panelling and colours I've seen!

Witchy by Ariel Ries

Asian hair-powered witches. If that wasn’t enoguh, it’s so beautiful and wonderful in every way too. The indepth world-building is so captivating and unique and a huge inspiration to me. 

Alice and the Nightmare by Michelle Krivanek

a really fun and dark take on Alice in Wonderland! It's so different and charming full of really unusual and intriguing twists and world-building!

Peritale by Mari Costa

A magicless fairy who tries her best to do her job. Very charming and so quirky and cute! 

Cucumber Quest by Gigidigi

Bunny kids on an adventure. Amazing colours and full of fun! A huge inspiration to my work. Everything Gigidigi creates is absolutely breathtaking.

SARGENTUM by Charlotte Grange

terrible farm boy who makes an awful deal with a witch. Really beautiful story and pages.

Demon Street by Aliza Layne

magical kids, girlfriends, and giant bugs on a quest. Incredible art with amazing colours and fun story. I love it so much.