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HIATUS NEWS / Behind-the-Scenes Exclusive (AU) - Page 3
Posted October 14, 2021 at 12:00 pm

There's the rest of the kiddos!!

Random fact, Lunik was a made up name (to me) until I found out it was the name of a SWISS BAND. So I guess, Lunik is somewhat Nordic European - in name at least. Also... Ice ... Bjerg. The other half is the name of a city in Switzerland. It went along with the theme. It makes sense that Lunik would have European fancy name considering his general attire. I don't personally think he's completely European all things considered though. To me, he's a mixed bag of nuts with European gift wrapping. 

I've had Mai's name in my head forever. I already established that she's Vietnamese but frankly she is not a Nguyen (haha). Nothing against Nguyens of course but it'd be weird to make her the same as the rest of my real flesh and blood family. 

One more page to go!

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