Chapter 2, Pages 40-49


April Edition Guest Art



Delaney is a concept artist and fellow Tabulit creator based in Australia.  She's the creator of Avalia - you need to read it if you haven't already! It's a beautiful medieval fantasy webcomic and I can't recommend it enough.

Delaney's work has an illustrative and painterly quality to it as if a manuscript just came alive! It's so charming and bright so please check her out. She's is a wonderful friend of mine and I was SO happy and honoured that she offered to do guest art for me. She just dropped this in my inbox out of nowhere in Winter, and after that I thought "well darn, now I have to start official guest art submissions!". And so... that's why I organized Guest Art! I had to do her beautiful illustration some justice (and proper promo). 



Victor is a comic artist based in Toronto!! His work is SO FUN, diverse, and energetic. He makes all kinds of quirky, eclectic, and colourful stories and characters. Just look at this absolutely adorable comic! I was so glad he decided to participate in the submission. Please check out more of his work here.

Victor is a good friend of mine and in truth, he's one of the key people who inspired me to get into comics and make Intercosmic in the first place! I remember shyly pulling out my laptop in Sheridan's Comic Making Club just under a year ago to show him my original concept sketches of Intercosmic! I wouldn't be here without his support and encouragement in a tough time of my life so I'm very grateful. And look where we are now - haha!


That's all for guest art for this month! Please do check out the amazing artists above! I hope you enjoy the new addition of Intercosmic guest art from now on. I'm so grateful to have over 20 absolutely AMAZING artists on board for the project. Starting now, I will feature 2-4 guest artists in every issue. I promise you, it's going to be absolutely amazing!

And of course, thank you so much for reading my comic. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am creating it! Until next month, thank you again for all the continued love and support for Intercosmic! Please consider checking out my Twitter or Subscribing for new updates and more awesome content! As a subscriber, you can directly support me, get bonus content, and support Tabulit - this very awesome indie comic platform made by creators for creators (like me!).

I'm still so amazed by all that's happened since I started this comic so thank you again!