Chapter 2, Pages 50-60


June Edition Guest Art



I've been friends with Erica since first year of college and I was so glad she offered to do guest art for me.  And she absolutely killed it with this piece and I figured it would be perfect to kick-off the summer months! And look how fun this is?! Poor Lunik. He's not made (literally) for the summer months.

Erica is a Hawaiian artist and animation student at Sheridan! You can find her as @MitsuEMachi on most social media. Her work is so incredibly dynamic, fun, fluid, and alive! Erica really captures the energy of each character she draws so well. She fuses both shonen spirit and cute characters all in one so seamlessly! Erica also creates some really fun and exciting characters and stories of her own too, from fun action superhero teams, to angsty white haired boys, to extremely cute killer girls! I love them all (and her) with all my heart. 



Just look at this absolutely AMAZING illustration of Tera and Hydris?! They're so beautiful and adorable. I wish I could look this good.

Satourni is an illustrator, comic artist, and creature designer from Ontario, Canada! They can be found on all social media as @Satourni . Their work balances the strange, unearthly, and beautiful all so so well! Everything they draw has a delightful and eclectic charm as if a storybook illustration just came to life! Satourni is such a versatile artist whose style carries this whimsical energy to it! I was so glad they offered to draw art for Intercosmic. Satourni has seen Lunik and Sol from their humble beginnings as a silly homework assignment all the way to protagonists of a full blown comic!! 



Tan is an absolute ray of sunshine and she really blew me away with this piece! Look at just how lovely Astra and Neb are! Tan has supported Intercosmic since it's humble begins and still continues to pour me with love and support, and for that I am always so grateful!

Tan is an illustrator and animator currently based in Ontario, Canada! Tan can be found on all social media platforms as @tanriika and you definitely should check out her work! Tan's work is so fun and energetic! She uses really bold line work with bright and soft colours so well. Her linework is so elegant and smooth yet she makes it look effortless! She is currently working on her own story and comic so keep an eye out for Overload when it debuts!! I'll probably be screaming about it when it drops so you'll probably know about it. 


That's all for this update! Thanks so much for reading Intercosmic this far! I hope you enjoy it and look forward to Chapter 3 when it releases. Please follow me on twitter or on any social media as @stripeyworm for updates! I'll be taking a break from comics since I'll be working full-time this summer and rebuilding my comic buffer but will get back with Chapter 3 in August! 

Thanks for your love and patience always!