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Page 100 - Back from the Holidays!
Posted January 14, 2021 at 2:02 pm

In which a new day blossoms :)

Hey hey hey guys! If you're reading this, then thank you for your patience and for returning to Intercosmic!

We're back in action after a break over the holidays and New Year and officially kicking off a new chapter. WHOO!! It's been a while since that happened and I'm so excited for this one. It's probably gonna be the meatiest chapter yet and there's a lot brewing so get ready.

Thanks for sticking with me and my space comic kiddos. And wow, page 100! I still can't believe I'm in triple digits now. That's not much compared to other artists, but hey, I'm proud of even making it this far.

Well, we are officially back to regular updates, so I hope you'll like what's coming! See you all next week as we explore this new location and place... and new outfits, hehe. 

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