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Page 103
Posted February 4, 2021 at 2:31 pm

In which there is... homework?

HEHEH!! I see a lot of you a bit confused as to how Sol and Eli actually know each other. There's a bit I could unpack/explain. But overall I eft it a bit vague as to how this whole succession thing worked. At one point, I realized I loved creating Eli a little to much to just bury her indefinitely (shh). 

I've never really liked the idea of someone being "born" into a role of power overall, so this is my weird take on that whole thing. BUT I hope you'll keep reading to see how this comes into play and what it means for the characters and stories. :D

I apologize if it's a wee bit confusing right now as to how this works, but I hope the answers will all be worthwhile ;0; A part of me just shrugs and goes "space magic?" as to how some of these systems work. 

Thank you for bearing with me and reading my comic! I hope you look forward to what's to come and to see you next week!

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