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Page 112
Posted April 11, 2021 at 12:00 pm

In which a point is missed...

Poor Mai is just awkwardly eating with an audience. You can't blame Sol and Lunik. Sol is so curious as to how people eat. Lunik is probably feeling disgusted (and a whole lot of other things).

Fun trivia: Sol is a good chef! Cooking has always been a fun and precise way for him to practice controlling fire. 
All the food here is grown in the Gardens that Nova tends to. It's all delicious and organic ;) I mean... they were ornamental veggies for the longest time, so at least now they can be put to use. 

Apologies for the late page this week! I went into a bit of health decline, and next thing you know, 3 whole days flew right by me. I'm doing much better now and figured late is better than never! So thank you for your patience and for sticking around and reading Intercosmic! I LOVE reading all the sweet comments. It makes me so happy to go through them whenever it's time to update. 
I hope you'll like more of how these 3 will fumble around interacting in the coming pages ;) See you on Thursday!!

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