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Posted October 23, 2020 at 1:39 pm

In which they're all trying. 

Sorry for the one day delay! Admittedly, my head still is a bit out of things, and with the late update earlier this week, it threw me off more than usual! Thursday just slipped right by but I hope you enjoy this page!!

BUT HERE IT IS!! Sol is trying his best. You can leave him to do all the emotional heavy lifting. He's never afraid to own up to his mistakes, unlike most people (cough cough).

The group is clinging together afterall!

Hehe... :^) 

Thank you for reading this week. I hope you'll like what's coming. I sure hope nothing bad happens to this fragile little group dynamic. Whoops!! And always, thank you for your lovely and sweet comments. It gives me fuel to my fire and means the world!

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