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Page 93
Posted November 5, 2020 at 11:20 am


I'm so glad the drama of last week's page really got to you all! I'm happy to present EVEN MORE DRAMA!! :)
And some mysterious things afoot??

I am a total sucker for the trope of "really put together character gets disheveled", haha!

Sorry again for another big dramatic page. There hasn't been any dialogue but I promise the next page will be some kind of interaction.

I just LOVE doing pages like this where it's mostly just panelling and expressions, forgive me!

Thank you as always for your lovely lovely comments! It really makes me so happy to read and I always look forward to your theories or thoughts. Hehe, so many thoughts about eyes. I see :^) 

Thank you again for reading, and see you all next week! Stay tuned...

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