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Page 99 - Chapter 4: KEEPSAKES
Posted December 19, 2020 at 12:00 pm


Apologies for dropping the chapter cover a bit later in the week! It's the holiday season so it's a bit busy for everyone.
But I'm SO pleased to share the cover and title for the new chapter. :)

STAY TUNED!! I hope you'll enjoy what's coming. I'll be back to updating again in the new year and picking up right where we left off with PAGE 100!! YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!!

I love making these odd little chapter squares. Their a stylistic departure from the rest of the comic and always a joy to make!
 I can't thank you ALL enough for supporting and reading this comic through its tumultuous lifetime and its rise from the ashes this year. It's been an amazing relaunching year and I'm so excited to continue making and sharing Intercosmic with you. Thank you! thank you! Have a lovely holiday break and stay safe and cozy everyone! 

I hope to see you on JANUARY 7th 2021 when Chapter 4 kicks off! 

Till then, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 

Kristina Luu Comics & Design