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Page 119 - Some Update News & Brief Hiatus!
Posted June 10, 2021 at 5:27 pm

In which she makes a dramatic entrance.

Hey hey hey! Look who's joined our little party! 

I'm SO excited to get to Terra's moment to shine. She's always such fun character to write and draw! I hope you're excited to see her more too.

AND NEWS... You guessed it. I'm going on a health break!

Hello! Thank you all for the really kind and sweet comments last page. I really appreciate the love and patience! 

I've been doing ok! But I'll be frank, my health situation hasn't gone too much better or worse (thankfully) and so I've had to make a tough decision.

So, this is probably no surprise if you've been reading this far, but I'll be going on a brief hiatus. I say brief because it's going to only be a month (ideally)! I'll be using that time to rebuild my buffer and also get my health back in order!

I'll be tuning back in on July 1st with either a page update and return to weeklies OR some fun extras like a collection of some doodles of the characters and further news/update on the situation! I wish I could give a concrete answer right now, but so much of it is in the air. That's how recovery is! So please wish me all the luck and strength to see this through! And thank you in advance for your ongoing patience with me!

Either way, you'll hear back from me on July 1st so I hope you'll tune in then! I can't thank you all enough for reading and loving Intercosmic this far. It means more than you'll ever know. Seriously!! The story is continuing and going on. It's just going at a slow rate, so seriously... thank you. I'm so glad I can share this comic with people and that they'll actually enjoy it. 

Intercosmic will be back on July 1st with further updates on the situation. Happy Summer! And Seeya then :D

All the best,


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